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Yearly Horoscope Pisces


The most intuitive of all the sun signs, Pisces, you have a rich imagination and a deep, sensitive soul. In 2017, you can expect new growth in spirituality, love and familial relationships, as well as a period of intense creativity and productivity. Your intuition will help you a great deal this year, with business and personal relationships. You have always relied on your good instincts, so remain faithful to that this year, as in 2017, you may find yourself occasionally tested.

When you are challenged and overwhelmed, Pisces, you sometimes doubt your natural intuitive nature. Don't fall prey to that pattern this year. Your intuition is your strongest quality, not only do you depend upon it, but some do many of your loved ones. Everyone around you deeply trusts your hunches, my fishy friend. In 2017, do all that you can to continue to develop this sensitivity, and you will find that it continues to bring you amazing gifts in all aspects of your life. In early January, you will be called upon to help a friend in need. This friend will ask you for guidance regarding a crucial matter in their life; it will likely be a dire financial situation. Trust your instinct on this one, Pisces, and offer your friend the advice that immediately comes to mind. You already know the right answer.

In February, when Jupiter is retrograde in Virgo, you will experience some conflict in work. Likely, this issue will not involve you directly, but you will feel pressured to take sides. This will definitely be a difficult situation, Pisces, but try to remain neutral. You will feel strongly toward one party, but do not let it show. Stay calm and collected, and the conflict will dissipate. Early spring brings you a wonderful and auspicious time of great positivity, my friend.  In early June, when Jupiter directs in Virgo, you will experience a period of intensely good health, energy and creativity. During this time, you will produce great things in your business and artistic endeavors. You will also experience great balance and harmony in all of your personal relationships. Home life will be peaceful and wonderful; life will be beautiful! Keep working through the end of the year.


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