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Yearly Horoscope Sagittarius

This is the year of undoubted achievements to you. There will be a rise in professional life resulting in proper recognition and honor during 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year. During first part of this year, there is a chance for a lovable vacation with loved ones. There is an increased possibility to start a healthier lifestyle. Carelessness in money handling may lead to slight financial crisis at the end of this year. Your firmness will lead you to achieve your goal in life.

Lucky Months: June, July, November, December.

Lucky Totka: Pendant that match your birthstone.


  • After going thru a period of Financial Up’s & Down’s, I was shattered in all with spheres. With Dr. Deepak Batra’s expert “Vaastu Shastra” my home & work places transformed into Money Making Mints. I don’t know how best and in what ways to thank him. I shall always remain indebted to this “GRAND SIRE”.
  • Dr. Deepak Batra has proved to be a “DEMI GOD” for me. I was under dire circumstances and acutely depressed from this world. He opened up a Vistas of great opportunities at my beck and call. Things transformed to the BEST for me. I am short of words & don’t know how to thank him
  • Marriage had become a far cry, I was rejected constantly. Choice was getting impossible, met Dr. Deepak Batra & he instantly selected days when I could get selected. Choose & Choice both added & I was gifted with a “SERENE BEAUTY”. I Fail to forget him how 
  • I hopped from one job to another. Salary & Selection both became difficult by the day. A good friend introduced me to Dr. Deepak Batra & a whole universe of jobs opened up for me, I became extra choosy and landed with a Fine Job cum Sales Target commissions & LIFE became a PARADISE. Will remain under his debt.
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